Advice Column & Future Themed Posts :-)

You guy’s! Its been a minute, I know ……I have been stirring up some ideas and brainstorming for some great and  consistent content for you all. I’ve decided to make themes for days of the week and for one of them (Friyay’s) I will be dedicating to an advice column; @AskOhlala. My friends have always turned to me for advice for as long as I … Continue reading Advice Column & Future Themed Posts 🙂


I have to admit; i’ve definitely had my share of nail salon visits to get my nails did. 💅🏽 Theres something very liberating about being able to just sit back, relax and suffer the immense pain of getting your finger nails shaven down for half an hour. Not to mention all the foreign shit talking that we’ve all experienced from the nail techs; or the hinted upper lip wax suggestion that we have mustaches LMAO. Its kind of … Continue reading F*CK YOUR ACRYLICS!

The Fit Guide for Lazy Girls 💪

 OK, I’ll admit it…I’m a lazy bixch! Lolz. I’m that unrealistic girl that expects unrealistic results after doing 15 sit ups thinking that by some miracle a pair of sexy ass abs will magically appear. It’s hard to commit to an exercise routine when ya got a lot goin’ on already. Some of us simply don’t have the time to put an hour aside or maybe … Continue reading The Fit Guide for Lazy Girls 💪